Fran Fullenwinder
raging-obsessionist: I cannot believe that you met Tim...was it insane? I'd love to meet him... your blogs awsome by the way. :)

Thank you so much! And yes it was! Oh my god!  I almost fainted, I’ve wanted to meet him for so long and actually seeing him right in front of me…. I just couldn’t think straight.

And I will try to post what he said from the interview as soon as I can. I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to. Thank you for asking and being so sweet!



Hey everyone! So i’m sorry that I’m doing this so late! But tonight i’m going to try and post my experience at the QandA with Tim Curry and what it was like actually having the chance to meet him. I know a lot of people don’t live in LA and couldn’t make it, so I will try to talk about the experience in more detail! If I don’t do it tonight then I promise I will do it sometime this week. I’ll try to have it done as soon as possible. If anyone has anything they want me to address or talk about anything he may have said just ask! Again I’m sorry to do this so late, it took me awhile to recover and realize what had happened.

I asked Tim Curry to sign my Rocky Horror record, and he kindly said of course he would. Then he asked if it was ok that he signed it on Riff Raffs forehead and I told him of course he could! Then he chuckled and said quietly “Richard will hate this.”



"I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’m in this chariot. Well you see I had what people used to call an insult to the brain."

-Tim Curry talking about his stroke (aka an insult to the brain)

drink-your-soda: Did you go to the evening with Tim thing? :o



I did! It still feels like it was dream though. I still can’t believe it happened! Sadly Tim is in a wheel chair though :( He’s said he’s recovering though and he said he’s writing a memoir!

It sucks that he’s still in a wheelchair but I’m so proud he did this & oh wow, that’s amazing that you got to go. Are you going to be posting more quotes n’ stuff? because that would just be fabulous

I know! I was thrilled he did it! And even though he was in a wheelchair (He called it his chariot) he was still absolutely hilarious! I will be posting more quotes soon! And again the quotes are all from memory so they may not be exactly what he said. But I will be sure to make it as close to what he said as possible!

I’ll try and post more quotes from the evening with Tim Curry event as soon as I can! Unfortunately we were not allowed to record anything so all of these quotes will be from memory. I will try to make sure the quotes are as accurate as possibly though